L’entreprise : Camfil Middle East FZE
Signataire : Stéphane Ruiz
En fonction de : Managing Director
Date de la signature : Vendredi 25 Février 2022
Site internet : https://www.camfil.com/ar-ae/
Notre engagement : As a member of the CAMFIL group since 2001, Camfil Dubaï with its 13 nationalities is proud to be an actor of diversity in the broadest sense of the term: diversity and inclusion, equal opportunities, gender and work-life balance. It is our corporate responsibility to strongly promote the United Nations Global Compact. We are convinced that the values of diversity and equal opportunity represent a fantastic energy booster and a driving factor to grow strength and resilience in this constantly changing economic environment. But these core values are also the foundation for a more diverse and inclusive society towards a fairer world. This is why we are working for a more open culture, in which women and men can overcome stereotypes and reveal their full potential. Today, 16 CAMFIL entities are GEEIS certified. Artificial intelligence is one of the challenges of tomorrow. As a leader in premium air filtration solutions, committing to the GEEIS-IA charter is an obvious way to work effectively in our daily struggle to contribute to a better world and fight against inequality.